Get ready for the

future with upskilling

Is your organization ready for the biggest workplace transformation? Do your employees have the future skills they need? Are you looking for ways to get everybody engaged in learning for the future? With Mentessa, you can provide a fast learning engine for distributed workplaces – and allow your talent to learn from people within your organization. It integrates learning within the employee journey and helps anyone learn the skills they need for the future.

• Unlock the collective expertise of your team and make it an accessible resource for employees
• Accelerate formal training with peer learning – for know-how exchange instead of silos
• Create a culture of life-long learning where employees continuously develop and grow
• Identify in-demand skills within your internal talent pool
• Create individual upskilling and reskilling paths for high-impact collaborative learning and unlimited development – based on current skill levels, target goals, and actual needs


How it works for you

and your organization

Learning from videos is efficient, but the reality is that they’re quite disengaging. But learning from people is fun and opens the opportunity to ask questions when needed. With Mentessa you support employee upskilling and reskilling with a platform encouraging informal knowledge exchange, and organizing people-to-people learning processes. This is faster, more effective, and better suited for the fast-paced world of


Rapid start with our skills marketplace

First, let us collect the employee skills in your company in one simple place! Every employee has unique strengths, a diverse skill set, and wants to be seen in their organization. In Mentessa’s internal talent marketplace, we help people share their talents by asking them what they could teach their peers. We use a gamified approach that looks great and is easy to handle. In addition, we automatically suggest relevant skills in order to continuously learn about your employee’s needs and desires, as well as identify hidden skills. In our digital employee directory, this data becomes accessible for others, and you learn more about how to implement upskilling and reskilling in the workforce.

Analyze current skill sets based on supply and demand


Close the gap with purposeful matching


Develop your talent’s full potential

with collaborative learning

Scale – without the admin work.
Our learning platform is a modern approach to collaborative learning and mentoring and scales to 100% of employees. With our connected learning technology, you can access innovative peer mentoring programs, distributed learning models, and interactive environments that are designed to maximize skill sharing and collaboration 4 times faster than without the platform. The learning culture is built on the idea that people should be able to share their own ideas with others in order to help them learn new concepts and skills. This can be achieved through various means – but one of the most effective ways is through peer-to-peer support.


Built to fit your stack

Thanks to our algorithms you don’t need to do anything else. Just sit back and watch your learning community build – no content required, and no moderation needed. Our digital platform focuses on people first, making it simple for distributed teams to stay connected and work well together. It’s easy to reach out for assistance when needed, setting collaboration as the standard of work. We create a clear and realistic skills map and upskilling program that helps companies identify areas of improvement.

Are you ready for the future of work?

The world is changing. Prepare for the unknown by digitally upskilling your talent. Mentessa gives you an engaging platform for sustainable and seamless mentorship, effective onboarding, and retention.

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